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Arms of Steel Tackle Bag

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Arms of Steel Tackle Bag

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The heavy Arms of Steel Tackle Bag is a great weapon for teaching and reinforcing the basic principle of tackling big targets to rugby players of all levels. It's lower than normal height forces the tackler to lower their own body height, while it's increased weight means the tackler must not only hit their target hard, but follow their shoulder contact with an immediate wrap. Players who don't wrap the bag immediately after contact can easily lose control of the bag, resulting in a poor or failed tackle. The heavy bag also makes it great for getting players used to rolling after contact to ensure an effective tackle is made and a player cannot regain their feet to continue their run. The Arms of Steel Tackle Bag is also great for working on head placement, leg drive, and footwork-- especially at the entry level. For those players who aren't beginners and just want to get some more reps at practice then it's great for them to do this too, without the physical wear and tear of tackling another player.



  • 30" height
  • 18" diameter
  • 60 lbs
  • Sand filled core make bag heavy, and easy to lose control of in contact
  • Overhead strap designed for holding a ball, allowing for post-tackle steal
  • Low height of bag helps eradicates complacency in tackling form
  • Size of bag makes it ideal for teams with limited storage
  • Suitable for contact sports such as rugby and American football