Not all balls are created equally – and every ball has it’s specific traits which make it unique. Take a look at how each of our balls can be best used to improve your game.



            Rhino Rugby’s value practice ball, the Cyclone is ideal for people that are looking for a reliable ball for team or individual practices. This ball is recommended to all entry level teams working with a limited budget, or teams that cycle through balls quickly. The Cyclone Ball also makes for a great gift, and is available in sizes 3, 4, and 5.



            Rhino’s performance practice ball, the Hurricane is the ideal tool for any team looking for high quality practice balls that will help take them to the next level. The Hurricane offers a feel close to that of a game ball, while still affordable for teams working with a budget. This ball is perfect for teams in need of high-quality practice equipment, or individuals looking to practice on their own. It also makes for a great gift, and is available in sizes 4 and 5.



            Our value match ball, the Meteor is a high-quality match ball designed for teams that are working with a limited budget. This entry level match ball offers similar feel and performance to upper level match balls, while still staying within a more affordable price range. Constructed from the finest grade of natural and synthetic rubber, lasts long and performs consistently. Available in sizes 4 and 5.


Vortex XV

            As an upper level match ball, the Vortex XV is ideal for a team that needs high-quality match balls. Used as a game ball by many of the best teams around the country, this aerodynamic ball has laminate layers which provide superior performance to almost all other rugby balls.


Vortex Elite

            Rhino Rugby’s Elite Level Match Ball, the Vortex Elite is the ultimate performance ball. It’s Aerosensa technology provides unrivaled lift and minimal drag. The finest natural and synthetic rubber combined with a laminate layer make the grip on the Vortex Elite better than any other ball. As the Official Ball of the Collegiate Rugby Championships, this ball is truly designed for the best of the best.


Storm Pass Developer Ball

            The ultimate tool for adding strength to your pass while still focusing on technique and accuracy, the Storm Pass Developer Ball is ideal for both inexperienced players learning to pass as well as seasoned athletes looking for a leg up on the competition. This weighted ball is made of the finest grade of natural and synthetic rubber, meaning it is reliable and performance-oriented. This ball makes for a great gift for any rugby athlete looking to improve!


Reflex Practice Rugby Ball

            A great tool for athletes that are looking to work on their pass on their own, the Reflex Practice Ball is designed to bounce back to the passer when thrown off a flat surface. This allows any player that has a wall to practice a technique-driven rugby pass, even if they don’t have any teammates in the area to practice with. This ball makes for a great gift for any rugby athlete looking to improve!