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Field Accessories

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  • Goal Post Pads

  • Padded Field Markers with Moon Flags

  • Flexi Poles with Housing

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    Better Equipment Matters

    Equipment is essential to developing better rugby players. The right equipment can train players in a way that body-training alone can't. We sell a variety of equipment that can be used across several applications. Our equipment is designed to develop stronger, faster, and safer rugby players overall.

    Goal Post Pads

    The goal post pads that we sell are designed to be soft so that players can avoid injury if they come into contact with a goal post. Our customizable goal post pads also allow a team to display their team pride on the pads. Teams can place whatever artwork that they would like on the goal post pads.

    Padded Field Markers

    The padded field markers that we sell are custom made-to-order markers. These markers come with moon flags and can include whatever artwork a team would like to have.

    Field Flags

    Keep your field marked properly using our flexi poles. These poles go on all four corners of the rugby pitch and label the boundaries of the field. Our flexi poles come with their own housings to keep the pole secure in the ground. The combination of the pole and the housing creates a 5-foot high field marker.

    Pole Base

    Our pole bases are constructed using rubber, and are weighted to keep your flags securely held in place. The bases are durable and easy to use.