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Monthly Archives: January 2018

  • 3 Reasons Every Team Needs an Arms of Steel Tackle Bag

    While there are lots of bags that can teach the basics of winning the contact area, few do it better than the Arms of Steel. Here are three reasons every team should get their hands on one. 1) The Shorter Frame Emphasizes a Lower, Safer Tackle Stressing the importance of a lower and safer tackling style, the Arms of Steel forces your players to maintain proper body position in the tackle. The 'Rugby-Style' Tackle, which emphasizes a more leverage-based technique, is often lost on taller bags. The 30" Arms of Steel, which has a heavier base, forces athletes to attack the height that best represents the ideal tackle - which is lower on the body - and avoids head-to-head contact completely. A lower tackling style also avoids a potential shoulder charge or stiff-arm from the ball-handler, and is conducive towards a clean wrap of the opponent, which makes for an overall more effective defensive play. 2) The Added Weight Teaches to Finish Tackles There's nothing more frustrating to a team when they're incapable of finishing tackles in game situations. Luckily, the Arms of Steel is designed to emphasize this skill. While most tackling bags are purely foam, the Arms of Steel has a heavy Sandbag base. This means that instead of easily falling over after contact, as many foam pads do, the Arms of Steel forces the athlete to continue to work after first contact. Through the use of this heavier bag, athletes learn that to really complete a tackle, you need to maintain a firm wrap around your opponent and give the extra effort to bring the ball-carrier to deck. When athletes can wrap and roll with an Arms of Steel, they can tackle anyone on the rugby pitch. 3) The Ball Strap Leads to More Poaches After the tackle, the play is not over - the ball is still there to be won. A team that's able to win the ball at the breakdown is going to have a huge advantage in a game situation. The Arms of Steel is designed to mimic this scenario, with a ball strap located at the top of the bag. Once the bag has been tackled, the ball strap represents the ball being presented - reminding your team of the importance of getting up quickly and contesting for possession, or getting their hands on the ball.

    The Arms of Steel is the ideal tool to learn the skills of a safe and low rugby tackle, specifically focusing on finishing tackles and winning possession. Every team will see the difference in their tackling!arms-of-steel

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