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Tackle Ring


Rhino Rugby’s innovative hit product, the Tackle Ring, has suddenly become that much more popular—but not within rugby teams like you might have thought. It turns out, American football teams all over the country are turning to the ring to right their tackling wrongs.

Everyone from pee-wee youth programs to Division 1 collegiate programs are using the ring. The trend came about in 2014 when the murmur began of coaches stating they wanted their football players to tackle like rugby players. A lot has contributed to this trend, including the Seattle Seahawks publicly announcing their ‘Hawk Tackle’ implementation which mimics the rugby-style tackle. Other reasons for the growing interest in the ring includes coaches wanting a safe low-impact way of teaching cut blocks, and coaches wanting to teach tackling during their off-season when the pads come off.

Lance Clelland at St. Christopher’s School in Virginia said “we use the tackling ring as a teaching tool in our non-contact practices to emphasize the fundamentals of rugby style tackling. Techniques such as cheek to cheek, head to the near hip, wrap and roll; among many others. The tackling ring is an awesome teaching tool. I am looking forward to the different ways we will be able to use it throughout the football season”.

For more information on the ring, and to see it in action, head to: http://usa.rhinorugby.com/rhino-rugby-senior-jackal-ring

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