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Rugby Balls

Your Guide for Choosing the Perfect Rugby Ball

Rugby is one of the most popular sports in the world, with millions of people enjoying rugby on a regular basis. However, people who are new to the sport, or who have only watched other people play it and now want to give rugby a try themselves, may have some questions about rugby balls and equipment. They may not know which types of training equipment they might need, as well as the size of the rugby ball that they will be using.

Whether you are the one who is going to be playing rugby or you are buying the equipment for your child or your coaching team, you need rugby balls that fit the needs of anyone who is involved. Because the ball is the most important part of the game, it needs to be small enough to get a good grip on it but large enough so that it does not slip through the player's hands. Rhino offers many different varieties of rugby ball online so you can choose the best fit for you or your players.


Are There Different Sizes of Rugby Balls?

If you are new to the world of rugby equipment, you might not even know that there are a variety of different sized balls available to players. The size of the ball is dependent on the player's age because of how large the person's hands are.

The player needs to be able to have a firm grip of the ball in order to play successfully. If the ball is too large, they may not be able to hold it without it dropping. If the ball is too small, it is also difficult to handle because it is constantly being dropped. In professional rugby, a specific sized rugby ball is necessary to adhere to the game's rules and regulations.


Which Size Rugby Ball is Right for Me or My Child?

In general, the rugby ball size guide is dependent on the player’s age and size. A size 1, also known as a mini rugby ball, is ideal for all ages. Its small and sleek size makes it effortless to grasp the ball and play with ease. Size 3 rugby balls are great for those who are under nine years old. Size 4 rugby balls are perfect for kids who are anywhere from 10-14 years of age. Size 5 rugby balls are great for teens over 15 years old. International leagues for adults have a standard size 5 for all of their rugby balls because they are the largest available and make it easier for adults to hold.


The Importance of Choosing a Quality Rugby Ball

When choosing a rugby ball, you want premier quality to ensure that your game goes well and that the ball lasts for a long time. Because rugby training can be intense at times and require a great deal of agility and passing of the ball, it can be difficult to deal with a ball that is lesser quality and constantly ripping, bursting or tearing. In many cases, putting a little bit of extra money towards the purchase of a high-quality rugby ball is well worth it, especially if the ball is going to be used for regular games and even tournaments and professional matches.

Along with the protective gear and the right mindset to play the game, one of the most important aspects of all rugby games is the ball that is to be used. The size of the ball is based on the ages and sizes of the players, and there are plenty to choose from. The size 1 mini is great for all ages, but for adults, you need the size 5 to have a better grip on it while out on the field.

You can purchase any sized rugby ball online from Rhino Rugby, as well as Reflex Practice Rugby Balls that have one end flattened so you can throw it against a wall and have it bounce back to you -- perfect for improving your response time.

Once you have the right rugby ball, it will be easier to practice, to improve your game and beat the competition. Shop with us online today for the highest quality rugby balls, as well as apparel and equipment!


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