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USA Sevens Collection

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    Rugby USA Sevens Collection

    The evolution of the rugby jersey has been a slow-moving process until the last decade and a half when modern fabrics finally made their way into the sport. Modern fabrics and designs arrived alongside the boost in popularity of the “Sevens” variation of rugby, which is now a global game. When William Webb-Ellis was reported to have picked up the ball used in a primitive version of soccer, teams wore a traditional woolen jersey. The advent of synthetic fibers and fabrics along with modern day techniques has gone hand in hand with the development of the Rugby Sevens game.

    In the 21st-century, USA Rugby has embraced the Sevens game in a major way leading to the creation of a large fan base across world rugby who are dedicated to supporting one of the most exciting teams on the sevens tour. Fans wishing to take advantage of the many different uniforms available for a USA Rugby Sevens jersey which can now be worn as a fashion statement. Over the course of the Sevens tour, fans get the chance to support their team around the world by wearing a team replica jersey or a shirt.

    Rugby jerseys were formerly made of knitted wool that would become waterlogged and heavy in rain and snowy conditions. After a few years, wool was replaced by cotton as this was more lightweight and allowed the wearer's skin more space to breathe. The arrival of cotton fabric heralded the arrival of the golden age of rugby jerseys with long sleeves and contrasting jersey and collar colors. Early rugby jerseys have remained in style and have become iconic symbols of specific rugby teams as well as of the game itself.

    Standing out from the crowd in the early years of rugby was not an easy task, as the dye printing process of the modern era was not yet invented. Instead, bold colors were the order of the day in hoops, stripes, and quarters. The Barbarians team, which comes together on a less than regular basis, employs a classic striped black and white jersey and sometimes a red and white striped design. Despite the growth of printed designs, some classic jerseys have remained unchanged despite the advent of modern printing designs -- including the New Zealand All Blacks and their simple black design.

    Jerseys for the Rugby Sevens competition are designed to reflect the fun and exuberant nature of this form of the sport. We offer several variations on the USA Rugby Sevens jerseys, which include a patriotic design in the red, white, and blue color scheme of our nation. If you want to show your support for USA Rugby Sevens, we offer a series of options such as the sleeveless style for fans to enjoy, USA7s scarves and hoodies, and more.

    The many changes made to the design of jerseys in the 21st-century began in earnest in 2004 when the first synthetic materials were deemed strong enough to withstand the rigors of rugby. Before these materials were developed, cotton jerseys and shorts were the order of the day for the majority of teams. Form-fitting jerseys and shorts are now used by rugby teams to give them an advantage in terms of attacking play because they help prevent opponents from being able to grab hold of a handful of the jersey when tackling.

    Coupling the tighter-fit of modern jerseys with the dry wick technology is a great way of making both players and fans alike more comfortable in quality rugby sevens apparel. For players, dry technology allows them to feel fresher and exert an extra percent of energy at important times in a game. With our Rugby Sevens apparel, fans can spend their day in the sunshine enjoying a sevens competition but still remain cool and comfortable.

    A USA Rugby Sevens jersey is not just a way of showing support for the players and Team USA on both the ladies and men's sides of the game, but also a good way to show support for the teams of other nations. In addition to USA Sevens apparel, we also carry apparel to let you show your support for the Rugby Sevens teams of Kenya, New Zealand, Australia, England, and many other traditional or up and coming nations of the rugby world. Shop with us online today for quality Rugby Sevens apparel!