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Youth Rugby

Rugby Kit



The future of rugby is now, with Rhino’s premium youth products. Youth rugby is expanding and improving rapidly, and the tools used to teach the game must improve at the same rate. This need for constant innovation is what drives Rhino to have a large selection of high quality youth products. Whether you’re teaching the safer and more effective Rugby-Tackle using our pads, coaching a proper pass with our quality rugby balls, or sending your team out onto the pitch with our revolutionary kits, Rhino’s got everything you need to succeed.


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33 Item(s)

  • Custom Sublimated Face Mask

  • Rhino Face Mask

  • Custom Youth Contact Jersey

  • Custom Youth Non-Contact Jersey (Flag, Touch, Tag)

  • Custom Youth Shorts

  • Custom Youth Sublimated Track Jacket

  • Custom Youth Sublimated Track Pant

  • Rhino Rugby Performance Game Shorts, Black

  • Rhino Rugby Performance Game Shorts, Navy

  • Rhino Rugby Performance Game Shorts, White

  • Youth Socks

  • 10 pk Tagbelts w/Red Flags

  • RHINO RUGBY Forcefield Pro Scrum Cap Head Guard

  • Junior Tackle Suit

  • Junior Tackle Ring

  • Junior Hit Shield

  • Junior Wave Shield

  • Junior Hit and Drive Shield

  • Junior Round Tackle Bag

  • Junior Ruck Warrior

  • Junior Multi-Skills Bag

  • Set Descending Direction

    33 Item(s)

    Youth Rugby Jerseys, Apparel, Gear & More 

    Rugby is an increasingly popular team sport that is played across the United States and around the world. The typical rugby season runs during the cooler months of the year, with matches typically taking place from September to May. Children can begin learning the game by putting on the iconic striped rugby shirt and joining a youth rugby league. Rhino Rugby is pleased to provide all the youth rugby gear and apparel you need.

    Youth rugby is a great sport for young children to get involved with for a variety of reasons. While it is sometimes considered a rough and dangerous sport, this is not typically the case in youth rugby. For children younger than nine, there is no contact in the sport. At all other levels of play, safe tackling is a key component of the game. In fact, the protocol that is in place in rugby to prevent concussions is currently being used to create safer tackling guidelines for football.

    Rugby is also a great sport for increasing strength, endurance and keeping children active. Due to the physical demands of the sport, players need to be able to run and move for long periods of time. They also need to be able to control their movements in order to stop and change direction quickly, avoid a tackle, or to pass the ball. Attending practice and participating in matches will help keep children moving in a fun and engaging way.

    As a team sport, youth rugby helps children to develop social skills and good sportsmanship. Rugby is also an effective means of teaching children teamwork. Players learn to problem solve quickly and to cooperate with their rugby team to score goals and win the game. The children learn that when they are on the field wearing their rugby jerseys, they need to communicate with their teammates and to fulfill their specific roles and work together in order to win the game. Children learn to follow the rules and understand how their actions and choices can affect the success of their team. Additionally, rugby is also a sport in which all players have equal opportunities to play defense and offense, as all players are used versatilely on the field.

    Discipline is also an important skill that children learn through playing rugby. As part of a team, players need to ensure that they are attending practices regularly, working on their endurance and ball=handling skills, and handling themselves appropriately in the face of disappointment and frustration during the game. The expectations set forth by the coach, referees and the general rules of the sport ensure that children will learn to work within the structure of the sport and have the discipline to be a good teammate and experience success.

    Rugby also teaches children to have strong morals and ethics. Respect for their coach and teammates is taught early and is as important as game skills. Players learn to hold the role of the referees in high esteem and are taught to listen respectfully when foul play is called and they are spoken to by the referee. These qualities are generalized to respect and interaction with other leaders as well.

    If your child is getting started with rugby or already on a team, we have all the youth rugby gear you need. Shop with us today and share this wonderful sport with your kids!