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The modern rugby jersey has come a long way from the baggy cotton shirt worn in the mid-19th-century by children at Rugby school. Over the years, the rugby jersey has gone through a wide range of changes and alterations being made to these shirts over the course of the 21st-century. The modern design of the rugby uniform is closer to that of a soccer uniform, with synthetic materials now the order of the day for jerseys designed to snap back into place when grabbed or stretched.

Rugby uniforms changed little over the first 150 years of the history of the sport with baggy cotton designs used for both amateur and professional teams at all levels of the sport. One of the reasons for the development of the cotton jersey was the ease with which it could be grabbed by front-row forwards when they are binding in the scrum. Early cotton jerseys were chosen for their strength and durability in a rough and tumble sport.

Cotton materials remained in place until the early 21st century, when the development of synthetic fibers led to the creation of stronger rugby jerseys. In fact, the Rugby League code of the sport is credited in some quarters with bringing synthetic fibers to the sport, as the demands of the scrum are less intense than in the Union game. It was only in the early 21st century that synthetic materials began to appear in rugby as the materials were finally deemed strong enough to be worn and could snap back into place. 

The change in material has also had a major impact on the sport in the form of rugby jerseys being sold to fans and amateur players in far greater numbers than ever before. Cotton jerseys with collars were the norm for over a century, with the design of each shirt as basic as possible. The classic hooped jersey remains the iconic feature of the legendary design of most teams with various colors used to identify each team.

Certain clubs and national teams have become synonymous with specific colors and shirt designs, including the English Harlequins club with their unique quarter's jersey. On the international stage, there are few jerseys as iconic as the plain shirt of the New Zealand All Blacks or the plain white uniform of England. Newly formed teams often look to stand out from the pack with their range of innovative design options such as the Stade de France team choosing a colorful pink and blue leopard print design.

Jersey design has changed dramatically over the years, with the focus of manufacturers in the sevens game being on the development of fun styles to reflect the flamboyance of the game. Supporters often choose the sevens version of jerseys because of the outlandish designs which are far more identifiable than the traditional 15's jerseys. This is not to say the technological development of the rugby jersey is standing still as the 21st-century progresses. The particular rigors of rugby have posed some challenges for both players and designers alike, particularly those faced by forwards looking to perform their best in the scrum, and ruck and maul situations.

The ability of the modern rugby jersey to snap back into shape has become a major benefit for professional players, amateurs, and supporters alike who want their jersey to last as long as possible. That's the kind of rugby jerseys we offer at Rhino Rugby.

We offer collegiate rugby jerseys in a range of fits and sizes to ensure every supporter can find the right fit and style. The majority of jerseys are produced in a slim-fit, loose-fit, and ladies-fit range of styles which can be adapted to meet the needs of the individual supporter.

For both fans and players alike, the introduction of moisture wick technology has changed the face of the sport of rugby. Fans can enjoy a more comfortable experience when wearing a jersey, with players able to stay cool with an added level of energy created at the crucial time of a game.

The modern rugby jersey is changing the face of the game for players as well as any fan who wants to show their support for a favorite team, and you can find the best collegiate rugby apparel at Rhino Rugby. Order online today!

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