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Recycled Rugby Balls


20pc Rhino Zephyr Recycled Training Rugby Ball Bundle with Recycled Bag


Recyclone Training Recycled Rugby Ball


Rhino Galaxy Recycled Match Rugby Ball


Vortex Recycled Match Rugby Ball


Rhino Recycled Graffiti Training Rugby Ball



    Take a step in a sustainable direction with the first ever training and match rugby balls made from recycled tires.

    Ever wondered how our recycled balls are made?

    • Tires are first cut into small pieces.

    • These pieces are crushed and micro-cut again.

    • Micro-cut pieces are put in a hot mixer and turned into a thick rubber compound paste.

    • The paste is mixed with a minimum of 20% highest grade virgin natural rubber.

    • The compound is turned into a ‘sheet’ and laminated with multiple layers of fabric.

    • The sheet is hardened in a hot press and cured.

    • Panels are cut from the sheet, fitted with a bladder and stitched together.

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