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The lack of protective equipment used in rugby is often a source of concern for those new to the sport. Oddly enough, rugby has a relatively low risk of injury compared to other contact sports like football. Instead of relying on the padding and protective equipment for safety, rugby players have been taught to tackle an opponent in a safe way using their body position. Still, having the right high-quality rugby equipment can keep players even safer and help them improve their game! And Rhino Rugby has everything you need to have fun and stay safe on the rugby field.

When the game first began, rugby was played with the minimum of equipment required -- and this has barely changed over the years. There have been some changes to the equipment most players choose, including high-quality cleats and a small amount of padding. For most rugby players, the ability to tackle, pass, and kick correctly means a rugby player rarely gets injured due to the skills developed in practice.

Perhaps the most important piece of equipment any rugby player should use every time they play is the mouthguard. The days of William Webb-Ellis picking up the ball and running with it to create the game are far behind us. Rugby authorities understand the need to protect players in an efficient way, starting with the teeth.

Across the world, rugby authorities are becoming increasingly concerned with the safety of players who often feel they are indestructible. New Zealand has been the dominant force in world rugby for decades, and local authorities in the All Black nation recently introduced a "no mouthguard, no play" policy. Mouthguards can be found in a range of different styles providing different levels of protection for players when they receive a blow to the mouth

Alongside the clothing every player needs, many rugby players choose to protect their shoulders and chest with thin padding permitted under the rules of World Rugby. Players need to be able to play with confidence, and that’s why they need to feel secure about the quality of their equipment. Padding options also include the use of scrum caps, which are popular among forwards who want to protect their head in scrum situations. A scrum cap is a popular option among younger players who wish to remain safe from damage to their ears and head when they are involved in ricks, mauls, and scrums where they face dangerous situations.

The best choice when buying a piece of rugby equipment is to purchase from a reputable equipment manufacturer like Rhino Rugby. Our products are made to last and tested to make sure they always meet our high standards and those of rugby authorities. For example, shin guards have become popular to protect the lower leg from damage during a game and must meet the standards of rugby governing bodies.

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