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Use Tackle Bags and Tackle Rings to Improve Your Game

Rugby is a tough sport. The more practice players have with the physical parts of the game, the better for the player when in gameplay. The use of tackle bags provides players a chance to learn the ins and outs of hitting a substantial target without injuring themselves.


These durable, plastic-covered tackle bags come in a variety of weights and sizes. Some are designed for low-tackle practice. Others are designed to allow a player to practice a tackle/ball stealing combo. Whether for junior players or adults, there are tackle bags to meet their training needs.


How Do Tackle Bags Help Players Improve Their Skills?

Some argue that tackle bags are not useful in improving a player's game because the bag is stationary. There are some concerns, in particular, that junior players working with these bags will injure themselves. There is also a concern for all players about possible concussions as a result of hits against the bags. One purpose of these bags is to give players the opportunity to find methods of hitting heavy adversaries without self-injury. For that reason, when used judiciously, tackle bags are an important part of rugby gear precisely because they are stationary.


Other types of tackling equipment, such as tackling rings, do not bring a player into contact with the mass of another player. When two players are running at full speed, the hit will be hard. The player must be prepared, and the right size and weight of rugby tackle bag can help the player to be prepared for whatever comes his way.


When Are Tackle Rings Useful in Rugby Training?

Tackle rings also play an important part in the rugby equipment available for physical training. These rings are rolled across the field in advance of the player, providing the player with the opportunity to practice tackles on a moving object. Working with these rings simulates real conditions to the extent that the player from the opposite team is also in motion during a game. The ability to tackle high, low, or center mass is essential for a player's skill set, because any or all of these may come up in the course of a game.


Tackle Rings in Sizes to Fit Your Players

As is the case with tackle bags, tackle rings come in junior and senior sizes. The hole in the middle of the rings makes it possible for a player to tackle it from a variety of different angles and approaches. Practicing with the tackle ring helps players to perfect the technique used when tackling an opponent in motion.


The use of tackle bags to develop the strength to take another player down without self-injury and tackle rings to try a variety of tackles helps teams prepare their players for game-day conditions. Players may want to own and practice with this rugby gear in their off time with the intention of building their tackling strength and skills for the best outcome on the field.


A well-equipped team will include both in their rugby equipment, so shop with us today for the tackle bags and tackle rings you need to up your game!

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