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We carry a large selection of rugby apparel from your favorite teams. Whether collegiate or from the professional United States of America Sevens team, we have the gear to satisfy all of your needs. The rugby apparel that we have in stock is both stylish and durable, allowing you to hit the field with confidence.


Rugby Apparel with Style

We have a variety of styles in stock. We have rugby apparel from most of the largest teams in the United States and internationally. The apparel that we offer looks like the team's apparel, because all of our rugby apparel is authentic! The only thing that you need to do is find the apparel that suits you best. We have a large stock of jerseys, hats, shorts, shirts, and kits to complete your wardrobe. Our apparel is also available to men, women, and children of all sizes.



Our rugby apparel is durable enough to stand up to anything you can dish out. Authentic rugby apparel is made to look good and to be durable enough to play in because of the high quality materials that are used to construct each piece.

As you play rugby, you can rep the same apparel that your favorite players wear without worrying if your fanwear apparel will tear upon its first use! You just focus on finding the rugby apparel that suits you best, and we’ll make sure it stands the test of time as well as looking great.

For men’s or women’s rugby apparel, shop with Rhino today!

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