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Senior Tackle Ring RJR
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Senior Tackle Ring

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The Rhino Senior Tackle Ring is one of the leading products in Rugby and American Football for developing technical skill in the tackle contest. The Rhino Ring is a revolutionary piece of equipment with perfect size, weight and feel, that enables athletes to safely work on correct tackle technique on a moving target. Key concepts of the Tackle Ring are to simulate a ball carrier on the run, allow wrapping of the arms, and the ability to track the target at a realistic angle. The ring shape allows the player to fully wrap the arms and drive through the pad, completing a successful tackle. This piece of equipment brings the game full circle with straps for a rugby ball or football, encouraging the players to work to their feet quickly after making a tackle and stealing or picking up the ball.

The ring takes a boring and uninspiring activity of hitting tackle
bags at practice, and makes it a much more technical and rewarding experience. It is also great for:

  • Players new to rugby or football
  • Creating safer and higher tackle success rates for players
  • Teaching proper tackle technique
  • Adding new drills to practice
  • Building faster instincts for poaching and fumble recovery


  • The movement of the ring creates what is traditionally a static target into a moving one. This movement allows the tackler to track the bag and use proper shoulder and head placement to successfully (and safely) complete his or her tackle.
  • Teaches the “Hawk” tackle technique which is a rugby style approach
  • Using the ring at tackling practice means the days of players tackling players, and risking injuring one another, are over.

Can be used to practice an array of different tackles:

  • Front on tackle
  • Side on tackle
  • Pursuit tackle
  • Diagonal tackle


  • 47" diameter
  • 10” width
  • 21 pounds
  • Ball not included
  • 1 year guarantee

Tackling Cues: If the tacklers aim is too high on the ring they will roll over the top of the bag (simulating a stiff arm). If their aim is too low, then they will not get a solid hold on their target, and the bag will roll or tumble over them (simulating a tackler breaking free). However, if the tackler is able to connect solidly with the sweet spot on the bag (the middle of the bag simulating legs/hips of an opponent), then they will get a firm grip and send it backwards in the collision.


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